Thanks for joining us for our Summer 2019 event “Summertime Jazz” featuring the Jenny Wilson Quartet (with Curtis E. Johnson on Sax)!

Jenny Wilson Quartet

The Entertainment Committee and the entire Ohio Valley Music Guild Board thank you for joining us on July 26, 2019, for “Summertime Jazz.”

The evening featured the Pittsburgh-based Jenny Wilson Quartet. Wilson is a composer, a vocalist, a flutist, and a female jazz pianist. She was joined by her husband, bassist Nathan Wilson, saxophonist Curtis E. Johnson, and drummer James Johnson III. In addition, a cocktail supper buffet nourished the attendees.

Please visit the Ohio Valley Music Guild Facebook page to see some photos from the event!

Also, check out Board Member Ross Gallabrese’s write-up of the event in the August 4, 2019, edition of the Steubenville Herald-Star.

Events like this would not be possible without the support of the following:

Program Publication:

Patrons ($200):

  • Gary Folden
  • Bob and Christine Hargrave
  • Jody and Carolyn Glaub
  • Frank and Eileen Petrola
  • Christine and John Hyland
  • Bill Murtland

Sponsors ($100):

  • Jeanne D’Anniballe
  • Suzanne Kresser
  • Dr. John and Theresa Metcalf
  • Huberta Schiappa Siciliano
  • Gerald and Joyce Palmer
  • Dr. David and Violet Robinson
  • Geary and Mary Kay Bates
  • Louise M. Snider
  • Gerald and Katherine Barker

Donors ($50):

  • Linda Wells
  • Craig Petrella
  • Lawerence and Barbara Purks
  • Louise M. Ball
  • Florence Rakich
  • Edward Florak
  • Deborah Elias (In Memory of Joe Elias)
  • Joyce E. Wilson
  • Mary L. Coe
  • Kathleen and George Antinone
  • Joel and Arlene Everley
  • Barbara Jean Losey
  • Lillian M. Ferguson
  • David E. D’Anniballe
  • Diane L. Pastoric
  • Nancy and Amelio Saggio
  • Dorothy D. Bossert

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